Do I have WiFi?
Yes, we have WiFi through the building as it is included in your fees.

Is a TV provided?
Yes, we have a TV with in the communal lounge area. 

What kitchen equipment is supplied?
Yes, we have all common utensils etc in the shared kitchen/lounge space along with a microwave, hob and oven. There are also shared fridges and freezers with allocated storage space for each guest.

What about bedding?
We supply a bed sheet, duvet and two pillows. You can wash them at your convenience

Can I personalise my room?
Sure thing, as long as you can return it to us in it’s original state when you come to check-out.

How does the cleaning work?
Bedrooms & bathrooms are given a light clean once a week and common areas are cleaned once a day.

I have a complaint. What should I do?
Please check out our complaints policy here.